Link industrial policy with agro processing, Tanzanian govt advised

This was said today by ESRF Head of Research and Publications Prof Fortunata Makene, during the 4th reference group meeting for the PACT – EAC project.

By Azania Post Reporter

THE government has been asked to make sure that the current Tanzania industrial policy (SIDP 1996-2020) provides a linkage between agro processing and cross cutting issues.

This was said today in Dar es Salaam by ESRF Head of Research and   Publications Prof Fortunata Makene, during the 4th reference group meeting for the promoting agriculture, climate and trade (PACT) – EAC project.

She said the current Tanzania industrial policy sets out a path for sustainable development of the industrial sector.

However, the policy does not provide for the linkage between agro-processing and cross cutting issues including climate change, trade, and food security.

“It is important to review the policy and incorporate these key issues during planning and implementation of industrial development”, she said.

Towards this goal, the National Reference Group will engage with policy makers over the coming months through an advocacy campaign, whose main messages will be captured in a research study to start soon.

At the meeting, she said stakeholders discussed practical policy options to be advocated by the campaign, and be explored by the research study.

Narrating importantly, the role of international trade and climate negotiations in framing the policy space for such policies should not be overlooked, and this is why participants will also be briefed on their state of play.

She added the meeting sought to provide a platform for reference group members to reflect on ways of ensuring that revision of the SIDP provides for the promotion of the linkage between trade, food security, climate change and gender.