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At Azaniapost, democracy comes first of all our values. For this reason we are unconditionally committed to freedom of expression and editorial independence in our news and commentary. This is the foundation of our post.

We will adhere to our ethical codes and will maintain our professional dignity with determination. We are not part of any interest group publication or activist movement.

For the Azaniapost team, it is sacred to have free access to all our readers. At a time when difficulties around the world are increasing day by day; fairness, impartiality, honesty, balance, and diversity in the future; so we promise that we will grow our faith in ourselves and the sector. Our respect for the right of people to receive and to receive information will never change. We rely on the unique talents of our friends, journalists and editors who contribute to reaching our goals. They will tell stories and evaluate events that shape our world in a broad context.

In a world of increasing conflicts, the "realities" of the essential components of freedom and knowledge have fallen to hostage or civilian casualties.

That is why we share facts; we have to analyze them reasonably.

We will always support transparency and knowledge so that we will reveal the thoughts, actions and truth behind the events.

Journalists and commentators are never exempt from criticism. For this reason, we will always maintain the highest standards. We are open to account and to the contributions of our readers; we will correct all possible mistakes immediately and completely.

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