Full Time / Russia 2-2 Croatia (Pen 3-4) – Croatia defeat Russia in nail-biting shootout

Russia's unlikely run came to an end at the quarter-final stage as Croatia once again progressed via a shoot-out

Full Time / Russia 2-2 Croatia (Pen 3-4) – Croatia defeat Russia in nail-biting shootout

Russia's unlikely run came to an end at the quarter-final stage as Croatia once again progressed via a shoot-out

07 July 2018 Saturday 20:54
Full Time / Russia 2-2 Croatia (Pen 3-4) – Croatia defeat Russia in nail-biting shootout

Croatia reached the World Cup semi-finals for the second time in their history with Ivan Rakitic again the hero in a 4-3 penalty shoot-out victory over Russia.

Rakitic slotted home the winning kick against Denmark in the last 16 and once again held his nerve to convert from the spot, with Mario Fernandes going from hero to villain by missing from 12 yards after his 115th-minute header had made it 2-2 deep into extra time.

After ending the home side's incredible run, Zlatko Dalic's side will aim to at least go one better than the famous 1998 vintage that finished third in France when they meet England at the Luzhniki Stadium on Wednesday.

Denis Cheryshev got Russia off to a brilliant start by marking his return to the starting line-up with yet another contender for goal of the tournament after his stunning efforts against Saudi Arabia and Egypt in the group stage, but Andrej Kramaric equalised just eight minutes later.

Domagoj Vida headed Luka Modric's corner home 10 minutes into the first extra period, only for Fernandes, the Brazil-born defender who was only granted Russia citizenship by president Vladimir Putin two years ago, to keep Russia’s hopes alive in a dramatic finish.

However, it was not to be for the resilient hosts, with goalkeeper Danijel Subasic saving Fedor Smolov's penalty and Fernandes firing wide before Rakitic kept his composure to put Croatia one match away from the final.

FULL TIME: Russia 2-2 Croatia (Croatia win 4-3 on penalties)

After another instant World Cup classic, the valiant hosts Russia are sent away from their own party. They’ve been magnificent ... but Croatia had just a little too much quality for them in the end. And none of the luck: witness Modric’s absurd spot kick. Modric crashes to the floor, too spent to celebrate. Physical collapse, or emotional? It’s probably both, isn’t it. Tears for the men in red, and their amazing supporters in the stands. It’s England versus Croatia in the semi on Wednesday!

Penalties: Russia 3-4 Croatia. Rakitic has done very little tonight, but he slips his penalty into the bottom left, Akinfeev going the wrong way. Croatia have made it to the semis!

Penalties: Russia 3-3 Croatia. Kuziaev slaps his into the bottom left. Croatia still have a penalty to make it to the semis, though.

Penalties: Russia 2-3 Croatia. Vida lashes his into the left as well. Russia have to score to stay in their World Cup.

Penalties: Russia 2-2 Croatia. Ignashevich batters his penalty into the bottom left. Subasic went the wrong way.

Penalties: Russia 1-2 Croatia. Modric scores, but only just! He aims low and left. Akinfeev gets a hand on it, but pushes it onto the post, whereupon it rebounds and settles into the other side of the net. Lucky Luka.

Penalties: Russia 1-1 Croatia. Fernandes drags a dreadful penalty wide left. That was awful.

Penalties: Russia 1-1 Croatia. Dzagoev gestures to get the crowd up when he walks back to the centre. It puts Kovacic off: he sidefoots tamely to the bottom right, and Akinfeev guesses correctly! An easy save. They’re on terms again!

Penalties: Russia 1-1 Croatia. Dzagoev slips his penalty into the bottom right, sending the keeper the wrong way.

Penalties: Russia 0-1 Croatia. Brozovic scores! High to the right, even though Akinfeev guessed correctly.

Penalties: Russia 0-0 Croatia. Smolov misses! He dinks to the left, and Subasic reads.

Penalties: Russia will go first. Gareth Southgate will be enjoying this, whatever happens, as both teams go through the mill.

You have to give Russia immense credit. They looked utterly down and out, but somehow came back at Croatia, worrying them enough to concede a stupid free kick. And that one set piece was all they needed. They’ll have a spring in their step going into these decisive spot kicks. And football’s loudest crowd have their back. Croatia will surely be fearing the worst. Their captain Modric looks thoroughly miserable. “Watching this match you understand why it’s never a good idea to invade Russia,” writes João André. “They’ll keep on fighting on and eventually it’s winter. Or penalties, whatever comes first.”

EXTRA TIME, FULL TIME: Russia 2-2 Croatia

And so England still don’t know who they’ll be playing next Wednesday. Because it’ll be penalties!

ET 30 min: This is an astonishing atmosphere. Modric floats a free kick towards the Russian box, but it’s no good, and easily cleared. Smolov threatens to latch onto a long ball on the edge of the Croatian box. Not quite. This is hectic and a whole lot of fun!

ET 29 min: Zobnin, from 25 yards, hits a screaming daisycutter towards the bottom left. Subasic does very well indeed to get down and keep hold of it, especially in his half-fit state. Russia don’t have a winner in them, do they?!

ET 28 min: This World Cup, though, eh?

ET 27 min: Modric has a dig from distance. Nope. I don’t think he’s stopped shaking his head sadly since the equaliser went in. He looks utterly dejected.

ET 26 min: The roof of this stadium is currently sailing towards Iceland.

GOAL! Russia 2-2 Croatia (Fernandes ET 25)

The free kick is curled into the box by Dzagoev. An outswinger. Fernandes rises highest, and flashes a header into the bottom left! Russia save themselves! There was always going to be another twist, wasn’t there?

ET 23 min: Smolov dances down the left, reaches the byline, and checks back. He hooks into the centre, and Subasic does very well to claw away with red shirts lurking. Then Pivaric deliberately elbows a ball floating down the Russian right. That’s a booking, and a free kick in a very interesting position!

ET 21 min: A corner for Russia down the left. It ends up being half cleared, and falling at the feet of Kuziaev, just to the right of the D. Kuziaev hits a first-time pearler, through a thicket of players, but straight at Subasic, who snaffles. Anywhere else, and that was surely a goal! But the keeper can hang on.

ET 20 min: Kudriashov clatters into Kovacic down the Croatian right. A free kick, and a chance for Croatia to load the box, and put this out of Russia’s reach. Modric takes the free kick. It ends up at the feet of Mandzukic, who curls a soft shot into Akinfeev’s arms.

ET 19 min: A yellow card for Gazinsky, who trips a marauding Mandzukic. He’ll miss the semi should Russia turn this round.

ET 17 min: Modric sprints 60 yards to keep in a loose ball near the Russian right-hand corner flag ... but his attempt to play the ball off Kudriashov and win a corner end in failure as he sends it along the byline to Akinfeev. A lot of effort for nowt.

ET 16 min: Kovacic and Modric try to up the tempo and combine down the left. It nearly opens Russia up, but Kovacic takes a heavy touch and runs the ball out for a throw. But Croatia are one minute closer to that England showdown.

And we’re off again (again)! Croatia get the ball rolling for the final chapter ... unless Russia can force a penalty shootout.

EXTRA TIME, HALF TIME: Russia 1-2 Croatia

There’s just time for a high ball to be pumped into the Croatian box. Subasic goes up, claims, is fouled, drops, and cries in pain. But he’s up and about quickly enough. And that’s that for the first period of extra time. Is there to be one last twist in this Russian fairytale? Or will Croatia close it out, and secure the semi-final with England that’s now within their grasp?

ET 15 min: ... Erokhin eyebrows a header wide right from close range. There will be two additional minutes in this first period of extra time.

ET 14 min: Now it’s Russia’s turn to win a corner on the right. Dzagoev takes. Zobnin battles at the far post and earns another corner, this time on the left. From which ...

ET 12 min: Vida was booked for his cavorting. Russia replaces Golovin with Dzagoev.

GOAL! Russia 1-2 Croatia (Vida ET 11)

Croatia go straight up the other end and win a corner on the right. Vida rises on the spot to meet the set piece, and sends a slow downward header into the bottom right! All in super-slow motion! He tears his shirt off and peels away in wild celebration. Croatia are less than 20 minutes from the semis!

10 min: Lovren plays a sleepy pass in the midfield, and Golovin races towards the Croatian box. He slips a pass inside for Smolov, who threatens to break into the box. Lovren comes back and gently eases him out of the way. Russia wants a penalty, but they’re not getting it. Lovren redeems himself.

ET 9 min: Croatia are keeping hold of the ball, but they’re not doing a great deal with it. Modric has been uncharacteristically quiet. What they’d do for a spark from the little man.

ET 7 min: Subasic better be good for the remainder. Because Vresaljko forces Croatia into making their bonus extra-time fourth substitution. If the keeper goes down again, it might be curtains for the Croats. Anyway, here comes Corluka.

ET 6 min: As play pootles on, Vrsaljko is still off the park being assessed.

ET 4 min: It’s just as well Subasic is good to continue. Because they may have to hook Vrsaljko, who appears to have tweaked something himself. He limps off for treatment. “If Croatia can’t find a way through then there is no reason to think England or even Belgium or France can,” argues Robin Hazlehurst. “Russia nailed on to win the thing by winning every knockout game on penalties? Is that good? Well, they all count.”

ET 2 min: Kuziaev hopes to break into the box but he’s eased off the ball by Lovren and Vida. It doesn’t look like Russia are merely playing for penalties.

And we’re off again! It now looks like Subasic merely suffered an attack of cramp, rather than pulling a hamstring. He’s been massaged furiously, and is good to continue. Russia restart, and immediately win a corner down the right. From which, the ball drops to Erokhin six yards out. But he can’t sort his feet out to get a shot away. Croatia clear.

FULL TIME: Russia 1-1 Croatia

Could England’s day get any better? The side they’ll face in the semi-final will have an extra 30 minutes of stressful football in their legs. We’re going to extra time!

90 min +4: Subasic looks a little less pained at the moment. Smolov barrels down the right and reaches the byline. Instead of crossing, he belts hard, straight at the injured netminder. Subasic parries well, and the ball’s hacked upfield.

90 min +3: The corner leads to nothing, but Croatia, who have a stricken keeper, are another 60 seconds closer to safety.

90 min +2: Subasic is still guarding the goal, of course ... there’s no point him going off yet. But if he’s expected to move at speed for anything ... well. Croatia do the right thing by pressing hard up the other end. Kovacic wins a corner and Modric wastes some time taking it.

90 min: Croatia make their final substitution ... in 90 minutes. Kovacic comes on for Kramaric. And then what happens? Subasic goes to gather a loose ball, the result of an Erokhin and Vrsaljko battle down the Russian left. As he bends to stop it going out for a corner, he clutches the back of his leg. His hamstring is gone! And there will be five additional minutes. Subasic can hardly move! This could become very dramatic. He can be replaced in extra time - the new fourth sub rule - but Croatia need to survive these final stages first! What a farcical end to Croatia’s campaign this could be!

88 min: Nope. Vida sends his header over the bar, and Lovren was pushing anyway.

87 min: Modric plays a diagonal ball, left to right. It should be intercepted by Erokhin, but he heads it behind for a corner under no pressure whatsoever. A bonus corner for Croatia. The great Russian adventure can’t end like this, can it?

84 min: Zobnin tries to flick a pass down the left. It’s handled by Vrsaljko. Free kick, and a chance for Russia to load the box. Golovin sends an inswinger into the mixer. Lovren does very well to crash a header clear under extreme pressure. The tension is rising.

83 min: Pivaric chases after a heavy pass down the left. Fernandes ushers ball and man out of play for a goal kick. The crowd respond to another request for volume from their manager. We’re entering the last nervous few minutes. Every little bits of help.

81 min: Fernandes skips down the right. He reaches the byline and pulls one back into the box. Vrsaljko clatters clear, Smolov not in range. This has got very scrappy again.

79 min: The impressively troublesome Dzyuba, who has been tiring, is replaced by the midfielder Gazinsky. Russia reverts back to one up front. Here’s Adam Kline-Schoder: “It seems to me that Croatia, when they are in full flow (case: Argentina), are nigh on impossible to stop and play some beautiful football. But, they seem to have a hard time getting to that point. Russia have disrupted Croatia’s play today by forming two solid banks of four, thus forcing Modric back to close to his own third to receive the ball and reducing his effectiveness. In other words, I think they’ve generally prevented Croatia from playing the way they want, and they’re perfectly happy to try and nick a goal on the counter. And honestly, that method has got them this far, so it’s difficult to poke too much fun at. They all count!”

77 min: Modric takes. Mandzukic slaps a header over the bar.

76 min: This is getting a little scrappy as extra time looms and nerves kick in again. But then suddenly Modric makes good towards the Russian box. He lays off to the right for Kramaric, who chips for Mandzukic. He heads down to Modric on the spot: the resulting shot is blocked. For a second there, a goal of intricate brilliance looked like it was unfolding. Not quite. But it is a corner.

74 min: Pivaric replaces Strinic at left-back for Croatia.

72 min: This is better from Russia, though. Some space for Fernandes on the right. He curls a high one onto the forehead of Erokhin, who clangs a header over the bar from ten yards. He should have done better, though he was under some pressure from Lovren, who isn’t afraid to put himself about.

71 min: Dzyuba is bundled over by Vida on the halfway line. Russia load the box and ping the ball towards ... Dzyuba. He can’t win the header.

69 min: Croatia are still hogging the ball, though. And doing precious little with it.

67 min: Ah! Scrap that. The Russian scorer Cheryshev is replaced by the striker Smolov. A move to bring a little more support to Dzyuba up front.

66 min: Russia are sitting deep. Not playing for penalties already, surely? Hey, it didn’t do any harm against Spain. Mind you, Spain never tried to go forward, and for all their faults, Croatia are giving it a proper go.

65 min: Croatia have lifted their tempo. Modric very nearly bursts into the box with a power run down the inside-right channel, but can’t quite keep control. The Russian fans respond with a symphony of loud whistling.

64 min: Strinic is released into the Russian box down the left by a clever backheel from Rebic. But instead of shooting from a tight angle, he tries a pullback instead, and finds nobody.

63 min: Perisic is replaced by Brozovic.

62 min: Fernandes and Erokhin combine down the right to earn a Russian corner. The set piece is met by Dzyuba, who faces (rather than heads) the ball softly to Subasic. Dzyuba was getting some close attention from Lovren there; the big Liverpool defender wants to be careful with that.

60 min: An astonishing escape for Russia! A scramble in the Russian box, caused by an up-and-under, drops to Perisic on the penalty spot. He takes a touch, with Akinfeev under a pile of his own prone defenders, and guides it towards the bottom left. The ball hits the bottom of the post, then twangs across the face of goal and away from danger! How on earth did that stay out?!

58 min: Rakitic comes in from the left and fires wildly over the bar from 20 yards. The pained look on his face says it all. The favourites for this match are struggling in attack right now.

56 min: Modric sends Perisic scampering down the right. He cuts inside and turns backwards. The slick moves of the group phase just aren’t happening for Croatia in this knockout stage.

54 min: Vrsaljko has taken a whack on the ankle from Cheryshev. That’s a sore one. As he’s being treated, Russia swap Samedov for Erokhin.

52 min: Kramaric tries an overhead kick from the edge of the Russian box. It’s easily claimed by Akinfeev, who launches long. One bounce and his drop kick is nearly sailing over the head of Subasic, on the penalty spot! But the keeper backpedals and claims. That would have been quite the end-to-end passage of play.

51 min: Croatia’s nerves continue to betray them. Modric plays a simple pass to the left for Strinic, who under no pressure controls and hoicks the ball out of play.

49 min: Vrsaljko curls one in from deep on the right. It goes all the way through to Kramaric on the left. Kramaric should shoot, but drops a shoulder to engage Ignashevich in a duel instead. It holds him up and the chance is gone.

46 min: Modric tries to get a move going, but loses the ball to Golovin and ends up bringing his man down with a flick. He’s lucky the referee doesn’t view that as petulance. Modric has done next to nothing so far.

And we’re off again! The hosts get the ball rolling once more. There have been no half-time changes. “Can we preserve this tournament in amber, put it on a marble plinth and give it Jesus lighting?” asks Hubert O’Hearn. “Best tournament ever.”

HALF TIME: Russia 1-1 Croatia

Nothing happens. The scoreline’s about right on the balance of play, and England are no nearer to knowing who they’ll face in the semi-finals on Wednesday. A fascinating first half, which eventually exploded into action thanks to another wonder strike from Denis Cheryshev. “Cheryshev is running a goal of the tournament competition all of his own,” opines David Wall. He’s now just two behind Harry Kane in the race for the Golden Boot.

45 min: There will be two extra minutes added to the end of this first half.

44 min: Rakitic tries to spring Vrsaljko free down the right, but his pass is a wee bit too strong. A shame for Croatia: Russia were light at the back there.

42 min: Croatia only half-clear the free kick. Golovin loops the ball back into the box. Dzyuba spins Lovren and is clear on goal ... but he’s penalised for a shove on the defender. Or maybe he’s been flagged offside ... but if so, that’s the wrong decision.

41 min: Russia win a free kick out on the right. On the touchline, Cherchesov encourages the crowd to crank up the volume again. They respond accordingly, having fallen quiet after the equaliser.

GOAL! Russia 1-1 Croatia (Kramaric 39)

And suddenly Croatia are level! Perisic flicks Mandzukic free down the left. Nobody comes across to meet the striker; Ignashevich was the nearest, but he’s slow to realise the danger. Mandzukic is allowed to wander into the box, look up, and pick out Kramaric, who bends down to steer a header across Akinfeev and into the bottom right. Lovely goal, but questionable defending.

38 min: Samedov bursts off down the right. Strinic tugs his shirt, and joins Lovren in the book. So that’s two of Croatia’s defence now walking the disciplinary tightrope ... and both of the fouls committed were in the Russian half. Not too clever.

37 min: Russia launch a long pass into the Croatia box from deep. Ignashevich tries to hook the ball goalwards from a tight spot on the left, but can’t stop the ball from flying wildly into the stand behind.

36 min: A couple of raids down the right by Fernandes nearly open Croatia up. Not quite, but Russia have their opponents rattled right now.

35 min: Perisic floats a pass into the Russian area from the left, and panics Kutepov into heading behind for a corner. That leads to some gentle head tennis. Russia clear. Dzyuba moves to chest the ball down in the midfield. Lovren comes through the back of him, and straight into the referee’s notebook.

33 min: Croatia look stunned, having just taken a huge body blow. Modric - who has done very little - tries to launch some retaliation, but there’s nothing doing. The atmosphere in the Fisht Stadium has just been turned up to 11.

GOAL! Russia 1-0 Croatia (Cheryshev 31)

A belter! Out of nowhere! Denis Cheryshev scores his fourth goal of this amazing Russian World Cup campaign. And it’s an unstoppable screamer! Cheryshev, from deep, one-twos with Dzyuba down the inside-left channel. Receiving the return, he takes a touch inside to move into a pocket of space, then curls powerfully into the top left from 25 yards! Wow!

30 min: Strinic clatters into Samedov down the right. Cheryshev takes, and sends his cross curling towards the top left. Subasic claims, but not in wholly convincing fashion. For a spilt-second you worried for the keeper, and for Croatia.

28 min: More Croatian ball-hogging. Then a bit of space for the bright Vrsaljko down the right. He curls into the centre where Perisic stoops and guides a header well wide left.

23 min: Croatia tries to reassert their superiority with some possession play in the middle of the park. After a breezy start to this match, it’s suddenly gone a bit flat.

21 min: The first lull of the evening as a game of head tennis breaks out in the midfield.

19 min: The Russian fans entertain themselves with an ersatz Icelandic thunderclap. To be fair, it sounds amazing, a fine cover version.

17 min: Fernandes races down the right and meets a ball he had no right to get. Strinic snoozing. Fernandes hooks it back. Samedov, racing into the area, takes a brilliant touch down the inside-right to nick the ball past Vida, but Subasic is off his line quickly to snuff out the danger. This is a nice open match, considering the pressure and the prize on offer.

16 min: Rakitic looks for the top left, but clears the bar with some ease. Not a great free kick.

15 min: Rebic is fouled out on the right. Free kick, and a chance for Croatia to load the Russian area. Rakitic takes. It’s met, and absurdly shanked, by Rebic on the other flank. No matter, because Rebic quickly regains possession, runs at Kutepov, and earns another free kick, just to the left of the D.

14 min: Dzyuba powers at the Croatian box. There’s not much in the way of support. He holds the ball up awhile, then slips one wide right for Samedov. But it’s not an accurate pass, and it leads to a panicked cross that’s easily cleared by Vida.

12 min: Another fine low cross from the right by Vrsaljko. Mandzukic gets more on this one, but skies it off his shin. But it was a smooth move, started by Rebic. Suddenly Croatia, having started looking second-round shaky, have more of that group-stage sparkle about them.

11 min: Modric’s delivery isn’t all that. “The first major tournament I can remember was Euro 1988 and I really liked the USSR side, managed by the coaching great Valeri Lobanovsky, featuring goalkeeping legend Rinat Dasaev and a number of outfield greats,” writes Kári Tulinius. “They got undone in the final by a Dutch side featuring some outrageous talents. A similar USSR team then made a complete hash of it at the 1990 World Cup. Though they trounced Cameroon 4-0 in the final game, a mutually beneficial 1-1 between Argentina and Romania meant they went home. It was a much more talented side than today’s lot, who’re a game away from a World Cup semifinal. Talent only gets you so far.”

10 min: Yes, Croatia are getting into this game now. Perisic wins a corner off Fernandes down the left. More pressure on the hosts.

9 min: Rakitc sprays a pass wide right from deep. Vrsaljko meets it first time, and his low cross is very nearly met by Mandzukic in the centre. Ignashevich blocks and Russia clear. That would have been a picture-book goal.

7 min: From the set piece, Lovren wins a header on the edge of the area. He sends the ball looping forward. From the penalty spot, Rebic heads harmlessly over. That was a decent chance. And the first sign that Croatia might not be as shaky as they were against Denmark in the previous round.

6 min: Or maybe not! Rebic wins a battle with Kudriashov to the right of the Russian goal, and he’s earned himself a chance to shoot. His effort, from a tight angle, is blocked by Akinfeev. Corner.

5 min: Vida lets Golovin steal away with the ball near the right-hand corner flag. Golovin hooks into the mixer. Dzyuba has a crack; it’s blocked out for a corner by Lovren. The corner leads to nought, but that’s another display of front-foot ambition from the hosts. And more nerves from Croatia, who have a reputation of not delivering in big matches. That might be playing on their minds.

4 min: These are very early stages, of course, but Russia look by far the more assured and confident right now. Croatia are struggling to put two passes together.

2 min: Croatia knock it around the back for a bit, but Russia snap at their heels en masse. The hosts aren’t in the mood to let the Croats play it upfield easily. And soon enough Dzyuba gets on the ball and plays Cheryshev into space down the inside-right channel. Cheryshev takes a shot, but he’s falling backwards and Vrsaljko is right on his shoulder to block. But that’s a statement of intent by Russia.

Right, here we go! Croatia get the party started. In 90 minutes time ... or maybe 120 minutes ... or maybe 130 minutes or so if there are penalty kicks ... we’ll know the identity of England’s opponents in Wednesday’s semi-final!

The teams are out! In perhaps the least shocking development of this entire World Cup, one hell of a roar greets the teams as they take to the park in Sochi. Thousands of Russian flags - the Триколор - fluttering in the breeze. The Croatian anthem gets a fair hearing by the naturally predominantly Russian crowd, then the home tune nearly takes the roof off. What an atmosphere. This is a World Cup quarter final all right! We’ll be off in a minute.

There are two men in Russia’s XI who could put a little pressure on Golden Boot pacesetter (and World Cup semi-finalist!) Harry Kane.Arten Dzyuba and Denis Cheryshev both have three goals to their name; another one or two tonight would see them close the gap on England’s striking sensation. Luka Modric is Croatia’s leading scorer in this tournament with two.

Russia and Croatia have played each other in competitive football on two previous occasions. Both times in qualifying for Euro 2008; both matches ended goalless. Nothing to see there. Their only other match was a Rostov friendly the best part of three years ago. Russia led that one at the break, Fedor Smolov scoring, but Nikola Kalinic, Marcelo Brozovic and Mario Mandzukic turned things round in the second half: 3-1 to Croatia.

Russia will take solace in the fact that when World Cup hosts reach the quarters, they usually make the semis. Italy (1990), France (1998), South Korea (2002), Germany (2006) and Brazil (2014) all advanced; Mexico in 1986 were the last quarter-finalist hosts to stumble, losing on penalties to West Germany. So while the head-to-head doesn’t look too promising for the Sbornaya, history offers a bit of hope elsewhere.

Both teams make just the one change to their second-round starting XIs. Russia replace the injured Yuri Zhirkov of Zenit with Villarreal’s Denis Cheryshev. Croatia swap Internazionale’s Marcelo Brozovic with Andrej Kramaric of Hoffenheim.

The teams

Russia: Akinfeev, Kudryashov, Ignashevich, Kutepov, Fernandes, Kuzyaev, Zobnin, Cheryshev, Golovin, Samedov, Dzyuba.
Subs: Lunev, Semenov, Gazinsky, Dzagoev, Smolov, Granat, Aleksey Miranchuk, Anton Miranchuk, Zhirkov, Erokhin, Smolnikov, Gabulov.

Croatia: Subasic, Vrsaljko, Lovren, Vida, Strinic, Rakitic, Modric, Rebic, Kramaric, Perisic, Mandzukic.
Subs: Livakovic, Corluka, Kovacic, Brozovic, Jedvaj, Bradaric, Caleta-Car, Badelj, Pjaca, Pivaric, Lovre Kalinic.

Referee: Sandro Ricci (Brazil).

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